1937 Hobo Nickel “Skull” by Tony Lewis

“Up for auction is a 1937 hobo nickel carved by myself Tony Lewis OHNS RM#1201! Carving is signed TL on the reverse and will be shipped in a plastic coin holder and a padded envelope to ensure that you receive in it’s original condition!Tracking is always included except for International! Thank you for your interest in my art!” Click for more →

1937 Hobo nickel by Tony Lewis OHNS RM 1201

“Up for auction is a 1937 hobo nickel carved by myself. Tony Lewis RM1201 of the OHNS… Carving will be signed TL on the reverse and properly packaged to ensure that you receive it in the condition that you see here!” Click for more →

Hobo nickel full horn buffalo “Dead of The Knight” carved by ~ Larry Foster

“Dead of The Knight”

This is my 304th carving


I pay close attention to detail in my carvings, and try to produce a coin that a collector would be proud to own and display in their collection. I stamp my initials “LF” in very small letters in a discreet area of the coin on the back.

Thank you!

Larry Foster

< ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o0O0o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

I am by no means a photographer, and my coins look much better in person.” Click for more →

Hobo Nickel Eagle 1937 Hand Engraved by Ronald Proulx

“Hobo Nickel of eagle on 1937 Indian head nickel By Ronald Proulx ” Click for more →




.Obverse : THE VIKING

. Reverse : buffalo

carved by H. Le ” Click for more →